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Six months out of college, I am happy to report: life is not boring. 😉 For one, I get to live with 9 brilliant housemates & co-interns (we get into all sorts of mischief, the most recent & notable being an impromptu frosting-flinging gig in the kitchen)! Here we are:
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Another thing I get to do is make mistakes that I didn’t really have the chance to make at Wheaton, particularly in the stewardship of time & finances. It’s rough, but I’m learning to take responsibility for my mistakes, to really ask the Lord for forgiveness and to be more human. After all, Jesus was as much a human as he was God, and he shows us how to be fully human by his very life, even as he was fully in relationship with Almighty God.

Finally, I’ve started tutoring at the neighborhood elementary school! My reading buddy is in 4th grade and likes to learn. He’s got good handwriting, too, which he is quite proud of. This opportunity is a direct answer to prayer: during my first month here, I specifically asked the Lord to let me tutor at the school, not knowing what opportunities they offered. Last month I randomly learned about their tutoring program to help students reach their reading level, and now I get to do two of my favorite things every weekend: read AND hang out with kids from the neighborhood!

If you’ve made it this far, in our age of short attention spans, I humbly extend my hand toward you for a high five!

And now, onto the special news…
DC really is a place for energetic 20-somethings with tons of ambition and the confidence to match it. A vibrant city for nerds.
So I am excited to tell you that I am officially dating… NO ONE! ^^

Okay, okay, the ACTUAL special news:

1. I am spending the year as an intern with Sojourners, a faith-rooted organization that works for social justice through political advocacy, print & digital media and mobilizing. Check us out!

2. I want to share with you a cool website as you start shopping for loved ones (and yourself) this Christmas: Sojourners’ Just Giving Guide! If you’re like me, feeling cynical about the consumerism surrounding Christmas BUT still wanting to partake in the tradition of gift-giving, then this catalog will give you some good ideas! They are pretty legit. Each organization promotes social justice in its own way, from offering fair trade chocolate & coffee to selling jewelry made by women liberated from exploitation. You don’t even have to purchase products, as some organizations give options to provide clean water or to buy a goat that may increase economic mobility for families.

3. If you feel neither cynical nor moved to give gifts to loved ones, then maybe you’d like to simply see what I’ve been up to the last month as the advertising assistant, working hard alongside the marketing team & other staff to put the guide together!

4. Check out the Just Giving Guide. Enjoy & spread the love. 🙂 


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