happy day

Christ is risen!

Today is a joyous day for people around the world who believe in the life, death & resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a day in remembrance of the ultimate act of love – the laying down of one’s life for others. It is a day in celebration of the greatest victory in history – the defeat of death. It is a day in anticipation of the final fulfillment of creation – the restoration of all things to God in all of God’s wholeness.

The day is almost over, but the hope of Easter Sunday is real for each day.

Today I celebrated by turning on my desk light for the first time since Mar 5 and enjoying meals to their fullest. The illumination of my room for the first time in over 40 days is so comforting and helpful. It reminds me of the light of the Word that illuminates truth and casts out the darkness of despair. The enjoyment of an assortment of foods was so satisfying and heartwarming. It reminds me of the sustenance of the Bread that fills the deepest needs and strengthens the weak.

Alleluia, Christ is risen indeed!


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