the last 30 days: desolation, consolation, transformation

BETWEEN CHRISTMAS AND NOW, I spent many hours outside the office. As a volunteer with a flexible schedule, I didn’t think I needed more time to rest. But it turned out that my mind and heart needed a little break.

During those weeks of rest, I also experienced anxiety and nostalgia as I navigated new Christmas and New Year’s traditions and chatted with my biological family. Sometimes I felt like a burden to my host family. So even as I relaxed and played, I was being stretched in ways I hadn’t expected. It sucked, but it forced me to dig deeper within myself to find the areas that needed transformation.

It also taught me to empathize with all the young people who spend the holidays overseas away from family – like the college students from Hong Kong at my church in Minnesota who couldn’t afford a plane ticket to fly back home for Christmas.

Thankfully, there were moments of great consolation, too, as you will see in the photos below.

So say hello to the renewed me! The stronger me and the more tender me. Stronger because God walked me through it. More tender because I learned to see myself more clearly – shortcomings and all.

Enough said… Enjoy the pictures!


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